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The video below contains a brief background of our services and of DenimWork's founder and manager Maurice Malone.

DenimWork is a design service used by both small and large sized clothing companies.

Small and upstart companies which may not have the budget to hire FULL-TIME experienced STAFF's are able to achieve their vision by working with a knowledgable, experienced design team that knows how to deliver professional technical design details for producing great looking samples and production.

DenimWork helps to improve the look and quality of your SALES SAMPLES and FINAL PRODUCTION.


Our CAD work is second to none. Our CAD's are drawn precise to-scale, so what you see is what you get. We help to eliminate guesswork for factories and pattern makers who many times have to interpret designs. No missing seams, stitch lines or details, which often happen with both inexperienced as well with nontechnical thinking veteran designers. We draw our CAD’s like garments are actually constructed, which saves time and money in the sampling process by allowing the factory to make better first round samples.


Like our CAD’s, we believe in excellence and accuracy when building our Tech Packs. We can put into a 4 to 6 page Tech Pack more informative, accurate and useful details then most companies will put in a 10 to 12 page Tech Packs. Our philosophy is get it right the first time. Although we realize no factory will ever make an error free first sample, we expect the accuracy of our Tech Packs to save generations of corrected samples. With the cost of shipping these days, saving TIME & MONEY by having the corrected samples process minimized can be a valuable tool in a company’s bottom line.